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About us

Bolster Systems mission is to create simple applications that allow trade professionals to be more productive by automating common everyday tasks. Driving all information to an online database.

Bolster Systems allows contractors, building managers, construction teams and FM departments to track the functions related to fire-stopping projects. Consisting of the online Bolster database, and an app to facilitate data collection, the Bolster System was designed with both contractors and building managers in mind.

As part of a controlled regular passive fire-stopping management program, Bolster surveyors can re-inspect any previously surveyed property to update the information held on the servers. Re-inspection schedules can be tailored to your specific requirements ensuring on-going compliance. Re-inspection data can be updated on the system within seconds of the data being sent from supported devices on site or by online submission to the secure system. The cloud-based Bolster database allows users to log in and download data to create user-generated surveys.

  • Bolster provides a method to simplify fire-stopping documentation.
  • Streamlined data entry using an iPhone, collates all data under one easy to access system.
  • Location labels to identify areas where fire-stop systems that are, or will be installed.
  • Enhances productivity while eliminating burdensome paper surveying.
  • Real time surveying of works undertaken.
  • Clear understanding of on-site conditions requiring remediation.
  • Cloud-based data storage.