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Inspect, Locate, Tag, Upload. It's that easy.

Reducing time and cost of surveying and installation of fire safety systems.

How it works


Bolster Systems offer an electronic management application designed to integrate the installation, documenting and management of fire barrier penetrations and fire-stopping within a building. Clients can view the progress of works in real time from any device capable of connecting to the internet.

Bolster Systems not only provides evidence of fire-stop compliance when a building is completed, it also provides building owners with a system they can use to maintain an inventory of the impact of maintenance works on post-occupancy fire-barrier integrity.

Locate, capture & tag

There is currently no standard for the surveying of passive fire protection, Bolster Systems provides the standard and uniformity of reporting, allowing multiple surveyors and installers to work on the same system. Progress can be monitored by back office staff and clients.

Surveying times are greatly reduced and reports available instantly, with survey photographs uploaded and scheduled along with a location drawing in a matter of minutes.

The detailed reports can be used for tendering remedial works by the building managers, whilst maintaining a robust record of the completed works in compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Layout drawings are easily uploaded and drop pins used to identify the location of works required and completed remedial works. The drop pin has its own unique reference with a photographic historical record (before and after). Clients have real time access to survey works and remedial works, giving all parties peace of mind that budgets are being utilised correctly.

Document & Survey

Pictures taken using the iPhone’s built-in camera document the process and are attached to the cloud database. Accessible from any location with an internet connection via log in to our secure dedicated servers, allowing access to your fire-stopping related data in an easily viewable and updatable format that is simple to navigate.

Bolster allows trained surveyors to conduct assessments and record data for future correction using the iOS device. Installation data for penetration and joint fire-stop systems is easily logged to meet project documentation requirements or satisfy quality management system procedures and building control. Location labels are printed using specially coded mobile Bluetooth printers.

  • Bolster provides a method to simplify fire-stopping documentation.
  • Streamlined data entry using an iPhone, collates all data under one easy to access system.
  • Location labels to identify areas where fire-stop systems that are, or will be installed.
  • Enhances productivity while eliminating burdensome paper surveying.
  • Real time surveying of works undertaken.
  • Clear understanding of on-site conditions requiring remediation.
  • Cloud-based data storage.